MAHARA (Vicki) Bedell, founder/formulator of Fresh Made with Love

With a background in alternative healing, caregiving, and art, Mahara combines her talents to bring wholeness to body and soul. Beginning in her childhood, Mahara suffered well into her young adulthood from severe environmental allergies and asthma, which at their peak required multiple hospitalizations. Mahara was determined to find a way to help her body heal itself. She tried many alternative treatment modalities seeking wellness, which then progressed to advanced studies in aromatherapy, herbology, and nutrition.

Mahara found her passion while studying aromatherapy and herbology and expanded her education by becoming licensed and trained as an Aesthetician, Massage Therapist, Doula (childbirth assistant), and Reiki practitioner. She began creating natural skin care and herbal remedies for her personal use and opened her own holistic consulting practice. Mahara also created skin care and herbal products for gifts, and soon family and friends were asking her to customize blends for them. Encouraged to sell her creations, Mahara became an entrepreneur and has been selling her line of skin care and healing formulas since 1989. The positive experience she has had supporting others to heal themselves continues to inspire Mahara to create products that foster wellness. It is from this background that she draws her knowledge of wellness therapies and has adopted her philosophy of “Listen to what your body needs & Treat it with Love”.

Many of Mahara’s Fresh Made with Love formulas have been sold under her former brands Essential Restoratives and Welstar Organics. Mahara also formulates for other brands that align with her mission.

Mahara is passionate about educating for a healthy planet and a compassionate lifestyle.  Her mission is to provide natural, organic, cruelty-free, and vegan products that have a positive effect on both those who use them and the planet.

In 2023 Mahara opened a brick and mortar shop representing the Fresh Made with Love product line. The beautiful Apothecary Shop is located at 263 Main Street in Dennis Village, Ma. Here you can find Mahara creating the products sold here. At the shop you can also book Skin Care services, Skin Care consultations, and Wellness consultations. Call Mahara for the current Apothecary Shop hours. 508-280-6571

Fresh Made with Love Apothecary 623 Main Street Dennis, Ma