Blessings Hand cream 50 ML




Blessings Hand cream is a rich healing cream made with an herbal infusion of grape seed oil with lavender and calendula. This gives it an antimicrobial action. It also regenerates skin cell growth and is super soothing and while acting as a skin restorative. It features ‘Blessings’ synergy made with pure aromatic, therapeutic grade essential oils. Blessings is one of our most popular aromas and is described as:  Harmonious, sweet wood, spicy undertones, rich fruit. It’s effect: Inspires optimism, celebrate gratitude, and warms the heart. This scent is balancing and uplifting.

Contains Grapeseed oil, distilled lavender water, calendula, rosemary, vegetable wax, grapefruit seed extract, vitamin E, pure essential oils, and Love.


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