New Day natural perfume


New Day natural perfume is inspired by the sunrise, daylilies, morning dew, and birds singing.

Packaged in a beautiful .25 oz silver mister it is perfect in your purse. Wear it to remember to wake up feeling fortunate for another day to be alive. It is at once refreshing and grounding. It is light yet complex. It inspires joy and compassion. It is zesty, spicy, fresh, and alive!

This is the description from a customer “A sensory explosion of floral sweetness, citrus tanginess, and a rich – almost incense – smokiness! The incense smell was quite surprising!!!!! Like opening a door and happening upon a sacred temple filled with rich smoke and sweet incense. I AM IN LOVE WITH ‘NEW DAY!”

“Every day think as you wake up today I am fortunate to have woken up I am alive I have a precious human life and I’m not going to waste it.” the Dalai Lama

Contains Ginger Lilly, Bergamot, Lemon Verbena, Jasmine, Garden Sage, and Love.

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Contains pure essential oils. Should not be applied to clothing. Always test pure essential oil perfumes for allergy or sensitivity by applying one drop inside the elbow before using.



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