Poison Ivy blood cleanser tincture

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If you are prone to Poison Ivy this remedy will be your friend forever!

For use as a preventative to poison Ivy: Begin use several weeks before possible exposure. This formula also reduces healing time when taken after exposure. This formula also works amazingly well for shingles.

For best results: Shake well. Preventative use: 2 droppersful 2-3 times a day. After Exposure or for Shingles: 3 droppersful 3-4 times a day till gone.

“Resentments, anger, revenge, all those things fill our body with poison. All it takes is to understand somebody else’s point of view.”  Doris Roberts

Ingredients: Oregon grape root, red clover, and dandelion root tinctured in 40% grain alcohol and love.

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Poison Ivy blood cleanser tincture

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1 review for Poison Ivy blood cleanser tincture

  1. cheryl gardner

    Poison Ivy Blood Cleanser tincture has saved my life! I live on the edge of a poison ivy forest and suffered from endless bouts of the affliction until i found this product. I now rarely get poison ivy and if i do, it’s a mild case and goes away quickly. I highly reccommend this product.

    • Mahara Ashlie

      Cheryl, I am super happy that the Poison Ivy Blood cleanser has been helpful to you! You are one of so many here on Cape Cod who have found they can now enjoy being outside gardening, etc. because they use this product as a preventative. Even when one neglects to take it prophylactically it also helps when one gets poison ivy by making symptoms less uncomfortable and shortens the affliction. Thank you so much for sharing your experience!

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