Sinus Drops


If you suffer from sinus problems, our non-addictive, drug-free, Sinus Drops could be your answer! 2 oz, dropper bottle. Use to prevent and treat sinus infections, allergies, sinusitis, and sinus congestion. Just a few drops in each nostril morning and night will ease most sinus conditions.

For sinus flush: Blend 2 droppersful sinus drops with 2 cups warm water. Use a neti pot to pour into nostrils as directed on neti pot or scoop up with cupped hand and snort in the nose. Do this twice daily for relief.

For prevention: 1-3 drops of the concentrate directly in each nostril twice daily.

Ingredients: Distilled spring water, Echinacea, grain alcohol, sea salt, essential oils of tea tree and lemon, and love.

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Sinus Drops

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