White Lupin Youth oil 30 ML


  • High-performance
    Restores elasticity, tone, and lustre.


White lupin (lupinus albas) extract, is known for its, anti-aging, remodeling, and firming abilities.  It restores the elastic properties of the skin and specifically targets skin areas that have become saggy and lost its tone and luster.

Date palm kernel is rich in phytohormones. Hormones play a central role in skin appearance and are implicated in skin aging. Use of applications of 5% or more show reduction of total surface of wrinkles and depth of wrinkles.

Plant based Squalane is readily absorbed and feels light going on. It replenishes the natural declining of oil production as you age. It smooths texture and reduces appearance of fine lines.

Beautiful exotic Argan defends against pre-mature
aging & UV exposure, moisturizes & strengthens elasticity.

The essential oils in this formula are carefully curated to provide additional high-performance anti-aging with a beautiful light aroma that inspires joy.


Made from natures own
jojoba oil, squalane,
meadow foam, Argan,
white lupin extract, 5 %
date palm kernel extract,
vitamin E, pure essential
oils of blue tansy, clary
sage, sandalwood, and
and Love.


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