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Product description:

Garden Fresh is a gentle and effective cleanser created with the same care that is used when formulating products for the face. Ditch soapy, foamy cleansers that often cause an unhealthy balance in your vaginal area and irritate delicate garden tissue for Garden Fresh, providing freshness without the irritation.

For best results:

Morning and night, rinse your garden in the shower or with a fresh wet washcloth. Use 2-4 pumps of Garden Fresh and massage gently into your garden’s delicate landscape. Rinse with warm water or fresh cloth. Follow with an application of Garden Nectar.


Distilled rose water, vegetable glycerin, bentonite, xanthan gum, pure essential oils, grapefruit seed extract, and Love.


Stay healthy, feel vibrant and maintain intimacy throughout and beyond menopause with our perfect product team-

Garden Fresh feminine wash and Garden Nectar healing lubricating treatment.

Garden Fresh is a gentle and effective nourishing cleanser that doesn’t dry or irritate female genitalia. Ditch soaps and surfactants that irritate and dry your skin and create imbalance to the Ph of your skin and vaginal fluid.

We believe that your Garden is at last as important as your face so when we formulated Garden Fresh we used the same care and consideration to your Garden as we did when formulating our Fresh Made with Love facial cleansers.

We recommend cleansing with Garden Fresh minimally twice daily, morning and before bed. Woman also enjoy cleansing with Garden Fresh before and after sex, exercise, waxing, and toileting, to gently clean, cool and hydrate. Apply Garden Nectar after cleansing with Garden Fresh.

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Weight 0.50 kg
Dimensions 2 × 4 × 5 cm

50 ml, 4 oz


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